How To Build A Website in 2022 ~ A Free Website Tutorial For Beginners

This How to Create a Website for Free 2022 course covers all the website design and website development techniques needed to create your own website from start to finish. The course explains why HostGator is the right web host for you and covers purchasing web hosting, getting free domain name, installing WordPress for free, installing your theme and plug-ins for your Website for free, and creating your own video intro and professional logo for free. It provides a very detailed and complete step-by-step walk-through of everything you’ll need to know how to create your own professional website from start to finish using the super easy (and free) Elementor page building plug-in. Below you will also find super discount options, lots of free resources, and timestamps to access specific lessons within this tutorial.


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00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:07 Website Project Overview

00:06:10 Choose A Web Host
00:08:18 ​Purchase Web Hosting
00:13:10 Name Server Settings
00:13:45 Log In To Your Control Panel
00:14:12 Email Forward Setup
00:14:57 Find WordPress Installer
00:15:26 Fix WordPress Install Errors
00:16:31 Install WordPress

00:19:55 Login To WordPress Admin
00:21:26 Access Course Script
00:21:25 Download Course Content
00:22:45 Helpful Tips For This Course
00:25:50 Skip Making A Website?
00:26:03 Delete Pages & Plugins
00:27:15 Download Astra Theme
00:28:18 Download Plugins
00:30:29 Install Astra Theme
00:30:53 Update Theme
00:31:13 Install Plugins
00:33:58 Deleting WordPress Ads
00:34:11 Update Plugins
00:34:28 Install Astra Starter Site
00:37:42 Disable Shopping Cart
00:39:33 Fix Murphy’s Law Errors
00:40:19 Backup Your Website
00:41:21 Organize Header Menu
00:42:02 Add/Replace Menu Logo
00:46:17 Make A Free Logo
00:46:32 Choose A Menu Font
00:47:31 Set Website Default Colors
00:49:01 Permalinks Settings
00:49:46 Build Website Home Page
00:50:14 Elementor Overview
00:52:42 Change Background Image
00:53:39 Free Stock Photos
00:54:18 Edit Fonts/Sizes/Colors
00:57:26 Add Website Intro Video
00:59:05 Animate Website Content
01:00:39 Make An Intro Video
01:02:38 Adding Widgets To Website
01:03:22 Adding Images To Website
01:04:23 Duplicate & Move Widgets
01:05:19 Duplicate Columns & Sections
01:06:29 Copy/Paste Content Style
01:10:54 Edit Photos Free Online
01:11:17 Remove Image Background
01:13:30 Animate Transparent Image
01:15:11 Add Section Divider Effects
01:18:05 Add Image Carousel
01:26:36 Insert New Section
01:30:02 Save Section As Template
01:38:04 Add Join Email Form
01:39:22 Build Website Footer
01:41:07 Import Section Template
01:42:26 Mobile Device Optimization
01:49:12 Create About Us Page
01:55:52 Wrap Text Around An Image
01:59:08 Create Duplicate Pages
02:00:32 Add/Edit Menu Bar Items
02:01:41 Create Services Page
02:02:43 Create Gallery Page
02:05:29 Create Fancy Gallery Page
02:06:59 Create Website Blog
02:07:19 Posts Header & Blog Header
02:09:58 Remove Old Posts
02:10:19 Creating Your Posts
02:14:20 Set Profile Picture & Pen Name
02:16:33 Add Blog Post Side Bar
02:19:13 Blog Post Style Settings
02:20:39 Create Basic Blog Page
02:22:14 Create Pro Blog Page
02:25:02 Create Contact Us Page
02:31:12 Edit WP Forms Settings
02:36:40 Turn On Website Secure Pages
02:39:45 Add A Shopping Cart
02:39:59 Search Engine Optimization 101
02:42:36 You Finished, Well Done!

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  1. Thank you for a great video. I am really not tech savvy which is helps to find your channel for beginners. I think this is by far the most comprehensive and complete how to make a website for free video! Your videos are priceless

  2. Thank you so much for creating this! It has been invaluable. I have a question. I'm creating my website now and I'm not tech savvy AT ALL. I'm attempting to use a lot of the same elements you have in your website, but when I get to elementor lately, it is incredibly slow, impossible to work with really. Also…my computer is starting to smell like burning. lol help me!

  3. Great video. I'm going through this very slowly, the way you teach is awesome. I've learned a lot and your calm manner helps to follow what you are doing particularly with this how to create a website training video. Thanks so much.

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