How to Write a Script for a YouTube Video (Made Easy!)

The easy way to write scripts for your YouTube videos. ****** Find out How to Come Up with Good Video Ideas for YouTube here ➡️

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1️⃣ Best iPad Teleprompter & App for YouTube Videos

2️⃣ How to Come Up with Good Video Ideas for YouTube

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In this video Nolan from Think Media teaches you how to write a script for your YouTube videos. This easy way to make video scripts is guaranteed to make your videos better. When writing a script for YouTube there are so many things to include and using this simple formula will help you get more views.

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24 thoughts on “How to Write a Script for a YouTube Video (Made Easy!)

  1. One way bullet points could work better for beginners is to film a section of bullet points each and edit the videos into one video later. You can then do a few takes and choose the best one. Plus your not pressured to finish it all in one long take and trying to edit a long video.

  2. Super interesting video and topic. For me it's pretty vital using a script when I'm at home and I'm talking about a specigic topic, of wildlife photography, but my English is not so good to allow me to speak fluently e normally of every argument, so I have to make a script to read using a teleprompter, even though I look like a robot, unfortunately. The most biggest problems born when I'm in the field, moslty when I forget some English word 😁

  3. so basically it's public speaking but on video. You have hook, you have your middle, and you have your ending or cta. That's really all I wanted to know. thank you

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