How To Make A WordPress Website With Elementor – 2022

Learn how to make a WordPress Website Step By Step!
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This wordpress tutorial is pretty much for anyone who is trying to make a basic website or just a general business website. We use a drag and drop builder called Elementor and it does not use any code or anything like that. I do hope this tutorial helps you all out with your WordPress website!

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Timestamps for this video

00:00 Intro
07:10 Get Hosting And Domain
13:47 General Settings
18:15 Make Pages And Menu
24:25 Design Website With Elementor Page Builder
38:00 Import Starter Templates
45:20 Import Demo Template
50:12 Design Tip
54:03 Theme Customizer
01:01:00 Switching WordPress Themes
01:04:30 Mobile Optimization
1:10:25 Elementor Advanced Features
1:19:45 Design Tip
1:23:22 Bonus Section!
1:25:37 Closing

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48 thoughts on “How To Make A WordPress Website With Elementor – 2022

  1. My WordPress website does not have elementor I’m unable to follow or correct some issues. Can elementor be installed after the fact??

  2. I felt really bad when the video got to the last part, i felt connected to you as a friend already, and didn't want to stop hearing from you. Nice one mate.

  3. Thank you for the great content; I have a question though: can you recommend a good theme for translation and transcription services which you recruit freelancers on one hand and take projects from clients on the other and assign them to the freelancers?

  4. been trying to use elementor with wordpress and i have to finally admit it sucks. elementor is twitchy and the whole deal seems cobbled together. plugin after plugin after plugin. it almost seems better to just code by hand. i tried editor x and webflow and the tools are so much more intuitive. it feels like how linux has a bazillion different flavors. the fact that elementor is a cms that sits on top of wordpress as with all the other plugins and how if one plugin stops working the whole thing keeps crashing down… i can't even figure out how to edit the header with elementor its so unintuitive. i'm really frustrated. In addition all wordpress sites have that wordpress look…..

  5. Can I use Blocksy theme for elementor ? Does it work with elementor ? Like astra
    I need to build website & landing page in elementor so can I use blocksy free theme ?

  6. I been buying like 2-3 real estate plugin in and most of them come with installation issues so my question is can you actually build a real estate website with just elementor?

  7. Nice tutorial thanks. Please help me out. After watching your video on how build a wordpress website with astra theme, elementor and starter templates , I started building my own website. Following the steps on your video I imported a templates but due to complexity of the templates I decided to a reset and import a simpler templates. The is all the editing I have done with elementor are not refkecting on the home page of the site public url. I can only see the changes on my site dashboard. What can I do to resolve the problem?

  8. Darrel, do you use the free version, or pro version of elementor? Is the free version of elementor limited to one website per install, or not? I wanted to make a adult online dating website. ThemeForest sells for $59.00 sweet date theme, says comes with all plug-ins. Have you used Divi at all? Which one is better Divi, or Elementor? What limitations does the free version of Elementor have with building building a website? 2/24/2022

  9. Hi Darrel
    I thought I finally found a video that was going to sort all my concerns out with WP and Elementor /Pro. I watched your video 3 times, but I still get confused…omg. Settings, global settings, templates, etc etc I dont know what to do? Live Chat with my single licence is NIL any suggestions how I can even use their online chat :-((

  10. Darrel my brother, if your partner ever tells you that you aint sh*t tell her that you're a star in South Africa.

  11. Elementor free plan doesn't have up to 50 templates or even the blocks.
    Activated page builder in astra and nothing came up on templates… why??

  12. Thank you for the video! For some reason, any Starter Template is not showing after installing the Importer Plugin. It's literally empty… does anyone know how to solve this issue?

  13. I carefully watched this video. Then I went to your website. Here is my question 6-7? yrs ago the "standard" pic size was 460x308x72 ??????? Today is this still a good size to use on a website with 200? pics? If no then what is the "standard" size wanted today? I will be using photo shop pro to edit my pics and videos.

  14. Hi Darrel, This is a very excellent video. So far I have been about 3 hrs going back and forth between your video and my word press site. ( my site has many problems)You answered many questions and raised a few more. I am sure I will be looking at this video again. I will now check out your home? website. Again an excellent video.

  15. thanks a hundred Mr. Darrel you have greatly helped me out. i kinda have a favor i wish you could help me out with. i need a free plugin for my rental service page. i will be very happy if you help me out. thanks🙏

  16. I keep watching various tutorials to help me with WordPress, but the plugins are never free for me. I have the wp premium plan. I really don't need the business plan, unless it's just for the plugin…

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