Playing bedwars on a GERMAN server

today chaz and i venture off to a german bedwars server and it was e/z ok anyway hopefully you all enjoy like and sub bye


Thumbnail: Mo2men#2806 on Discord

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44 thoughts on “Playing bedwars on a GERMAN server

  1. The Players in Germany are just good players not cheaters watch some german bedwars youtubers like Poishii, ByQuadrix, BezgeHD and more they are legends and show their strats people on Hypixel are just camping and build their bed with obsidian tf

  2. I love how he calls most of them cheaters, when he is faced with the german average player..Aka mouse abusers but not rlly cheaters.


  3. German players drag click all of the German YouTubers that I know that they actually speak English and German they're better than dream and techno blade

  4. 11:45 i'm willing to bet that blue was legit and green was autoclicking. coming from someone who's spent a decent amount of time learning how to breezly, moonwalk, godbridge.
    12:27 that block spam is probably autoclicking,
    12:34 also those break marks are incredibly sus
    blue was probably legit
    stopping like that serves no purpose for someone who's trying to autoclick godbridge consistently but serves a lot of purpose to someone who's decent but is just trying to make sure they don't fall lol, plus they didn't really do much else besides gb/mw like 30 blocks

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