This Could Destroy Servers! | Player Chat Reporting | Hypixel Skyblock, Monumenta | Snapshot 24w22a

This Could Destroy Servers! | Player Chat Reporting | Hypixel Skyblock, Monumenta | Snapshot 24w22a

Hello there everyone! My name is Derailious, and today I will be going over player chat reporting, which can kill pretty much all servers!

The server im on is Monumenta, If you wish to join, use the IP Server.Playmonumenta.Com, this MMO is free to play with no store, and is incredibly fun! This is the server I develop for after moving on from Hypixel Skyblock

Monumenta Discord:
IGN: Derailious

Thanks so much to my channel members who make this possible!
#monumenta #minecraft #mmorpg

40 thoughts on “This Could Destroy Servers! | Player Chat Reporting | Hypixel Skyblock, Monumenta | Snapshot 24w22a

  1. Bedrock player here, we've had a version of this for quite awhile now. Most of the time the system will just shadow mute you randomly if it determines that you aren't being nice enough. You can't appeal it either. You can only get unmuted through positive chat interactions that no one else can see (This mostly just leads to people spamming numbers or the alphabet in chat in order to get unmuted). The system can easily be abused too. For example, a friend of mine (F1) joke reported another friend's (F2) alt for impersonation and got F2's entire minecraft banned for a week. F2 couldn't log into any account he had for that time.

  2. i heard minecraft has no rules but i dont like we re getting ruled becz its an open enjoying game and aharchy servers have no rules so how can they have a rule if they re anarchy

  3. I just hate bedrock even though i am a bedrock player. Minecraft was good because it was run by the players. Now that mojang is trying to run Minecraft it will lose a lot of players

  4. There is a lot to say about that but to keep it short:
    It's a bad idea and the server moderators should deside who gets a chat ban for what and not mojang

  5. I think this should be a thing, that is enabled by default but can be disabled in the config of your server, to make it so you can make your own system or have just no system like anarchy servers

  6. the amount of people who play Minecraft will make it impossible for humans to look over each and every report, you already know they're gonna have to use bots, and that could cause an insane amount of problems

  7. It will bug out a lot in hypixel because of multiversion, even if you press p in hypixel in newer versions now, player names are weird to say the least

  8. Id like to know, how you are supposed to trigger the "drugs ans alcohol" categorie. By typing 420?

    If they are gonna add this, I'm probably gonna quit.
    I just hope there is a work around (eg mod chat maby)

  9. bruh thats a dumb system… not only because like 16 year olds swear alot but also because of the fact that hackers can form a cheat where THEY AFK A LOBBY AND ITLL AUTOMATICALLY REPORT ANYONE IN IT, its scary to even think about

  10. Servers should be allowed to "tag" themselves as allowing some chat actions, which would disable chat reports for the category's whitelisted in the server, and give a warning before joining.

  11. For starters, they are going to have ban appeals so mass reporting is not really that big of a deal. Second, you're basically saying that if you're a teenager its okay to curse which is not true in any way. If you do curse then thats a poor choice on your part but it should not be allowed in the Minecraft community. You said that servers are fine they way they currently are but they really arn't. Larger servers like Hypixel would be so much better if all that stuff was gone. (Don't bother starting a comment war from there because its a waste of time and you cant change my mind on this.)

  12. I think the report system should just be a report to the server, so like the server owners, know that someone reported someone and the server owner can decide to ban him or not

  13. I prefer to have people moderate on their own instead of mojang. I agreed with some of the stuff, I don’t want weird and crazy people in the server especially when I have my own server. (which I don’t have my own server) I do not want some of the stuff in the server like for example, Nudity or pornography. Harassment and bullying however, i agreed that it’s nuanced. how do you tell if they’re messing with each other, like for example, two people are insulting each other and they both laughed, was it a form of harassment and bullying? Profanity, I have been around profanity and have been use it fairly. If they banned profanity, It will ruin my vibe and for everyone else that’s older. (And yes, there are some places that will not tolerate profanity, like for example, school) I agreed that it will be terrifying especially with my main and my alt account if anyone can report anyone. I don’t play skyblock, but I have been seen people doing what you’ve mentioned in 2:303:09 especially on twitter. I agreed that it’s not okay to do and it should not be happening. I don’t know what the future will be holding especially after tonight where I’ll be graduating from transition school

  14. imo this just kinda gets rid of chat moderators ideas, some of them are paid to moderate chat and they are real humans behind a screen so there will be much less error with real players. Any established server will already have moderation and if your playing with your friends, who cares? This could also be a privacy issue, can they see your private messages or messages on private realms now? Do they keep that data and maybe sell to third parties? (Ok maybe not that last one.)

  15. Why
    No one asked for that feature
    It will destroy The community
    One od the reasons administration exists is need to control chat
    Mojang wants to destroy Java community or what

  16. The days of duping coins to use them as weapon to ban people you don't like are over
    Now you only need to click report and say a completely normal word is offensive to you

  17. anarchy players will definitely find a way to abuse this into the sky and people who dont like specific people can just target them and get them off minecraft for no reason at all, kinda stupid update

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