Black Ops Servers Shutting Down, Part 2 of 2

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48 thoughts on “Black Ops Servers Shutting Down, Part 2 of 2

  1. I know that this is a year old, but it is actually ruining the fun of the game on either end of the scale. I certainly don't have fun hacking games because it is too easy, and if I played a hacked lobby, it would become too hard. See what I mean? This is why I don't like hackers like you.

  2. man.. it's got unlimited amo.. God mode so you cant get killed. add like 4 attachments instead of two. Moon jump so you can jump high.. level up hack… everything pro hack.. more money hack.. uav hack.. (like a spy plane 24/7) lots of hacks man

  3. yo i play on xbox and i love my xbox its great but don't be an ass and if anyones a shit stain its you anyone can play what they want. Fuck the console war thumbs up if you agree

  4. I think because other companies did it thats why the rumours are so plausable, i know for a fact EA did jus this year for a few of there games FIFA 10' , God Father II and MMA their reason was because it was costing them too much money and theren't popular. I dont really think ActiveVision would the same but they dont have that much ppl playing its like 300,000 on a average black ops II isnt even out yet..

  5. Well I tryed playing waw, black ops, cod4 modern warfare, modern warfare 2 servers has been shut down it'll say error unable to connect to activision matchmaking (error 33) when you try to play online

  6. Thing is, they didn't even fix Black Ops on the PS3. The FPS rate still drops constantly and you're always playing around 30-40fps, especially on MP, on Jungle I've been down to 25fps before when in a firefight with only 2 people! Badly developed, no work been done to fix it. Hopefully, but unlikely, Black Ops II will run a lot smoother and not badly developed, but it's Call of Duty so what can we expect?

  7. i think that if all pc and ps3 gamers dont buy the next cod they will understand that the pc and ps3 people are just as important as xbox personally i hate everything about xbox mainly because of all the douche bags who think theyre great because they own one

  8. @coolcar100 all I have to say the servers for ps3 weren't weak some idiot hacked psn so they shut down and tons of people play call of duty 4 still

  9. Black Ops servers are fine right now, I think it was because Treyarch made a rushed ps3 port of black ops that didn't even work properly and all the complaints pissed them off. Also during that time last year PSN had weak servers, they're much stronger now, so they WILL NOT shut down the servers, unless its COD4 or World at War as hardly anyone plays them anymore and they're quite old.

  10. How about EVERYBODY shut up and just play the fucking game. Some people use a console, some people use a computer, is it really hurting you that bad? Do you lose blood whenever you hear about some game on a console? So fucking what?

  11. @austin5196
    lol do you know why most people(excluding ignorant idiots) prefer the PC community?Because the 13-15 year olds on there aren't complete retards screaming into their mics and they actually know how to cooperate and help(NON EXISTANT ON XBOX LIVE AND PSN) and generally pc gamers, so yeah and btw games are only being dumbed down to handle consoles and now i ask you, if companies gave out 2 completely different games to both consoles and PC's, what do you think will happen?

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