How to Use a Google Apps Script in Google Spreadsheets

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The script can be found here:
This video guides you through the steps of loading, authorizing, and running a Google Apps Script script in Google Spreadsheets. The Google Apps Script that is used in the video was made to enable users to hide, show, and delete multiple sheets in a Google Spreadsheet.

10 thoughts on “How to Use a Google Apps Script in Google Spreadsheets

  1. Quick question – When I open the script editor, it brings up my saved macros. Is there anyway to use another script in the same spreadsheet, along with the existing macros?

  2. i keep getting "Authorization Required A script attached to this document needs your permission to run." when im trying to use a copied sheet.. i have no idea what im doing plz help

  3. Can I run the script in GAS not associated with a sheet. I want the GAS to check a Google Drive Folder every 5 minutes for a json data file. If a new data fiel exists I would like the script to create a sheet and input the data. Then send a link to the new sheet. I work with GAS in sheets often. Now I need to make an app to create the sheet. Thanks.

  4. Do the names of the Spreadsheets have to be the same. I have several sheets that have the same title then a name (different on each one)….Stock Market Tracker – John Smith, Stock Market Tracker – Jane Doe, etc. When I enter the search words it states it cannot find the sheets. Any suggestions?

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