Wesley Snipes Wrote 2 New Blade Scripts – Not Asked To Cameo In MCU

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41 thoughts on “Wesley Snipes Wrote 2 New Blade Scripts – Not Asked To Cameo In MCU

  1. smh..the reason by what she mentioned about Wesley..comical…we can go on from Elvis, Roman Polanski,…even the guy from seventh heaven..I mean if we dropping info like that…smh.. and Marvel owe everything to blade.. since all those duds drop ib the 80s and 90s straight to video.. Captain America, generation x, Punisher Dolph Lundgren…trash and marvel comics was suffering bankrupt…Blade actual helped fund and help to even make an Xmen 2000 and Tobey Spiderman possible..so stop it. opinionand facts are 2 different things..smh… yall whack sometimes with that
    .but hey I still like the information even when sometimes not factual

  2. On mission impossible, I read somewhere that Peter Graves was offered to return as Jim Phelps in part 1 but didn't like the direction they were taking the character, so John Voight is meant to be the same version of Phelps from the series

  3. Snipes as Whistler would be nice and maybe I'm the only one here but seeing Wesley in this movie in some way would be outstanding. Blade 1 n 2 still hold up til this damn DAY!!! And if you can't get him in this movie it's a missed opportunity but I'm here for the franchise so I'll support it…hopefully it's good because it's got big shoes to fill

    Not distracting at ALL smh.

  4. John, John, John. For giving X-Men more credit than Wesley’s Blade, all I have to say is…

    Some motherf?”@&rs are always tryin’ to ice skate uphill

    Side note: They were trying to phase Wesley out of the franchises in Trinity without discussing it with him. But still, not the best way to handle the situation.

  5. It's so sad how they r treating Wesley snipes when he save the whole MCEU if it wasn't for the success of blade we would not have the MCEU

  6. I seen Blade at the theaters when it released that Friday on August 21, 1998
    I was 11 years old, and my grandmother took me, and we went and seen Blade 2 and Trinity when they released aswell

    It was and still is one of my favorite movies and I love Wesley Snipes. He may have a cameo in the new BLADE and it's being kept hush, misdirection, if he isn't them it's still ok. I do believe they got the perfect actor in Mahershala Ali playing Eric Brooks/Blade, he is a phenomenal actor and he will do absolutely great and it's one of the most anticipated MCU films coming I'm excited for… well excited for all lol, but Blade has a special place in my heart 🍻

  7. Wesley or nothing! Not felling mahershel Ali and by the time he hits the screen as blade he'll be 50 so why didn't they let Wesley do it. No respect phase 4 blows!

  8. After no way home I can’t believe actors when they say they are not in a Marvel movie. Also I think that not making Snipes Ali’s Whistler is such a miss opportunity. Imagine that guys.

  9. Considering Fox, Universal, and Sony spent millions of dollars buying a bunch of Marvels hero's, I don't think Blade failing would hault their plans. Like…maybe it gave them less concern but the movies were going to be made regardless imo.

  10. Dude Snipes HAS to have a cameo in the new Blade. Ali himself has shown total respect to Snipes and understanding that he is Blade for all time regardless of him taking over the role. You can’t do a new blade and at least not have Snipes make a cameo as a nod to his time in the role

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