How to Upgrade Windows Server 2003 SP2 to Windows Server 2008 R2

Upgrade Windows Server 2003 SP2 to Windows Server 2008 R2 Notes – Microsoft is at it again. Server 2003 is …

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  1. hello! is it possible to upgrade windows 2003 R2 Enterprise x86 to Windows server 2008 R2 enterprise x64? In the video (6:54) it seems architecture is x64. Can you tell us how to upgrade 2003 r2 to 2008 r2 32-Bit? Our board is Xitrix PowerFrame™ 5150 P4 – 32bit family. Is there any impact? Thank you.

  2. love your videos, i wached you first time in your video win 10 deployement , simple but précise explanations. now again for my last 2003 . COOL well done

  3. Hey thanks for the video. I have a question. I don't have any role installed in my Windows Server 2003, It is just an Operative System with an Oracle Database Server. I have to upgrade to Windows Server 2008 for audit issues. How can I do this? to upgrade just the Operative System? Please help me.

  4. i ran all commands and still i got a message saying the image is valid, but…. bla bla I ran adprep32.exe successfully
    Did i miss something? I've googled around and saw no light!

  5. If I upgrade my windows server 2003 R2 which has bunch of websites in IIS to windows server 2008, what will happen to those websites. Will they be ok and automatically move to IIS 7 in windows 2008 ?
    P.S Great Video and awesome explanation. Thanks a lot

  6. Awesome video!  However, question – I am upgrading App server – it is not DC or Exchange – thus, do I still need to do ADPREPS? 

    Thank you,

  7. BJ It was great just knowing where to make the selection for Updrade vs. Install.  You would think that MS would make some screen shots available to walk you through the process, but I couldn't find any.  Thanks again.

  8. Ok I am trying to take a 2003 r2 enterprise and upgrade it to 2008 enterprise on a domain.  do I need to run those special commands to upgrade a non domain controller server.

  9. Hi BJTechNews,

    This video is really good. Thanks so much.

    Would you please tell me if adprep commands are required to be run, if I am migrating a member windows 2003 servers to 2008 r2. These are application servers not Domain controllers. Is there a different procedure for Non domain controllers.

  10. A good guide… but after running CMD (adprep, domprep ….) By DVD of Win Server 2008 R2 in Server 2003 and raising domain functional level. If by chance migration will not work or get error. Did my server 2003 will work as usual? (I have backup system state). An answer will he highly appreciated. Thanks

  11. Hey please explain the work of those two commands. I believe command prepare 2003 server to accepts 2008 Server components pls explain in details.

  12. I honestly don't like running servers with Windows, I'd prefer something like CentOS or even RHEL if I had the money… Great video though, even though I don't need the info myself. Watched it all.

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