14 thoughts on “Moving WordPress Site form Godaddy Shared Hosting to VPS w/ cPanel

  1. VPS from WELL-WEB NET are great for website. High-speed processor, unlimited traffic, convenient control. For registration you can use anything name/female/tel – him not check anything.
    The main advantages are that they configure everything themselves for free and all they need to do is say what you want to deliver, and the other is that in the Netherlands and the USA they give out IP from random networks, which is very important for me in the case of proxy! I recommend to try and not to suffer with the setting on the video – it’s enough to explain what you need and you will be set up and told how to use it.
    Now the special bonus – you pay for 6 months – him give 3 month FREE! Just a little left to the end!

  2. Too slow is just one of MANY reasons to drop Godaddy like the bad habit they are. The repeated need for them to charge an arm and a leg for every little detail is inexcusable. I can make my own ssl certifitcate in under 1 minute and that's including installing the utility used fresh, yet they expected $75 for both my main domain (example.com) and my subdomain (blog.example.com). Then when it broke my website like I told them it would (a subdomain cannot have a separate ssl certificate, it confuses the connecting system and is effectively a DoS attack) it took three days of fighting with reps to get the issue fixed and money refunded. FUCK GODADDY. great vid dude, thanks.

  3. Maybe this was necessary 3 yrs ago but why not just backup/archive the entire WordPress folder for each client and then go PHPMyAdmin and export the database to your PC as an SQL file? This would have been super quick and more straight forward than backing up all the tiny sub-folders independently… Then when uploading to the new location just go into wp-config folder & update database location and user..

  4. Ouch! You made it look so easy… 15 minutes… that's why you're making a video tutorial and I'm not. I'm using godaddy… no softaculous, they have their own version… installatron (like some cartoon convention). The file import/export didn't go too well… once I got things in the right place that seemed to correct itself. The biggest problem I'm having seems to be the database. My old file layout/structure was (site)/wordpress and in my wisdom I decided that was dumb and used (site)/ instead… oh goodie. The WordPress installation doesn't allow me to set the database prefix so it named the table wtf-(tablename) instead of wp-(tablename)… (it's not really wtf… that's just an example) so when I did my table import to the database I got a whole new set of tables with wp-(tablename) as the structure and wordpress didn't see any of it… bummer. And I can't seem to find where to change it in the wordpress files… now that I deleted the wrf-(tablenames) wordpress doesn't recognize the installation at all. I know I'm just looking in the wrong place for what to correct OR I'm being impatient with the cpanel updating stuff. I'm not sure which. Once I get it figured out I'm sure it will be slick as snot. Wish I knew which cpanel/hosting service you're using.

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