Incoming NICA Chief defends gov't's move to block websites | ANC

Headstart: Incoming NICA Chief Ricardo de Leon reacts to the government’s move to block websites.

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13 thoughts on “Incoming NICA Chief defends gov't's move to block websites | ANC

  1. As usual hanap ng loopholes para masira ang government. Dapat yung concerned personality ang mainterview. Naku anchor know who you are interviewing!!

  2. Bakit yung Incoming NICA chief ang tinatanong? 😆😆😆Hoy bugok Incoming palang yan! Ang invite mo si Sec. Jun Esperon dahil nasa NSA ang issue..

  3. Meron ngang citizen's arrest
    to prevent actual commission of a crime…….
    natural may way din ang gov't to prevent some elements threathening our peace and order or national security…….alangan namang hayaan at wala silang gagawin para ma-prevent ang mga pasaway at manggugulo……
    Pre-emptive move on the part of gov't…….

  4. si Esperon ang dapat interview nila kasi sya pala ang gumawa ng request. ndi yon incoming na official ang pipigain mo magbigay ng paliwanag sa issue na ndi nya alam ang buong info…

  5. CPP-NPA-NDF AFFILIATES. An article published by Pinoy Weekly on its website on March 30, 2022, entitled “NPA at Masa, ‘di Matitinag” (NPA and masses, ‘unshakable’), promotes terrorism and violates the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020, National Security Adviser Secretary Hermogenes Esperon Jr. said. He said this explains why Pinoy Weekly and Bulatlat are included in the list of websites affiliated with the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army-National Democratic Front.

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