TAMING RAIDING DINOS! | SOLO MTS 3-Man PvP Servers! – Ark: Survival Evolved

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Yo guys, welcome back to the channel, its been a long time, we are back at it again with a new series, probably another duo series with muntage. This time on the MTS 3 man servers on the new Scorched Earth Map. in todays episode we are taming raiding dinos!

47 thoughts on “TAMING RAIDING DINOS! | SOLO MTS 3-Man PvP Servers! – Ark: Survival Evolved

  1. Not sure if you knew this. You can put down an S+ Crafting station and make a S+ intake and S+ tap for infinite water. Never go thirsty at base. Also I'm sure you know about the turret gun for alternating high up turrets on players only and low turrets on players and tames. Also to reduce turret running your spot you can put down your fence foundations and railings to make it a little more annoying to run it. Maybe blocking off the double entrance on one side would help with the defenses of it. You can put suicide dodo's or jerboas in the gateway area's to know if they are getting blown without using Parasaur's giving off your base location. Keep up the good work! Solo life is fun but hell at the same time lol

  2. That rock golem is really fucking good 14.8k is the highest I've ever seen. My highest was only 13.8k unless I'm just really unlucky with the points…

  3. Hey six you can still tame the rock golem solo with a flyer, you just fly above it where your flyer is out of reach then jump of the flyer and run away and it’ll be stuck on your flyer. Nice vid as always

  4. Loving the content as always. Had to find this video manually since youtube isnt giving me notifications for any ARK youtuber. Glad I did,was just as enjoyable as I was expecting.

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