when a NA Radiant plays on Europe servers

when a NA Radiant plays on Europe servers
VALORANT highlights taken from ranked games, pro scrims, and tournament matches


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  2. I once considered myself being a Sage Main, but i'm not able to learn the mechanics i need for Jump Walls, Wall Boosts etc so i'm slowly switching to my second main KJ which, with the addition of Pearl, gets more and more value compared to Sage imo. It feels kinda sad to let Sage go thou 🙁

  3. I just unlocked yoru so I'm trying to main him bc of all the vids I saw from u and other ppl. I only played 1 game and it went well but I'm still kinda bad so I enjoy watching you destroy lobbies 🙂 keep it up ethos.

  4. I feel like no one ever answers the QOTD’s in the middle of the video so I will XD

    I’ve gone back to maining Omen, I just realised I’m a lot more comfortable playing smokes, I wanted to main Chamber and I did for the whole act when he came out but everyone else wants to play him now because he’s so meta :”) so I’ve gone back to my roots playing controllers!

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