Complete About Page using Props Only 🤯 | React Multi-page Website in Hindi #5

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——- TIMELINE ——-
0:00 Intro
1:50 About Page
2:50 Passing Props
5:50 access Props
8:00 Destructuring
9:20 Outro

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19 thoughts on “Complete About Page using Props Only 🤯 | React Multi-page Website in Hindi #5

  1. Vinod bhai you are savious for students who are irritated by use of old languages like ASP. NET, vbscript in college universities because of old syllabus. Thank you bhai for this much contents for free. May your channel reach to millions and millions. Once again thank you bhai🙏👏👏

  2. Dissapointed not to get reply for my queries. In the nodeJs playlist the Video no:23 in the weather application project video you mentioned in that video that you will provide the source code for CSS but it is not there. Very much dissapointed to see that please provide the css source code link there. I don't know if you will even see this comment or not……

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