RAKKA VILETIDE – Is She Duchess 2.0?! | Raid: Shadow Legends (Test Server)

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Today I’m showcasing Rakka Viletide on the Raid: Shadow Legends Test Server! What do you think of this new void legendary??

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34 thoughts on “RAKKA VILETIDE – Is She Duchess 2.0?! | Raid: Shadow Legends (Test Server)

  1. I believe you are missing some of the key points with Duchess. The fact that Duchess puts up three buffs is a huge difference with respect to wave-clearing with Seer. The fact that Duchess start these three buffs with a Block Debuff first is massive when fighting Tormin. None of these benefits you will have with Rakka. I do not think Rakka is Duchess point anything, she is just a different champ with different uses.

  2. I pulled her early this morning on my F2P account. Needed a few more points for champion chase had 3 voids and bam! I now have 3 Seer Krisk and Rakka. Yet still no Cold Heart !!!! It's silly really silly!

  3. They already had me at 'female' and 'Orc'
    the rest is just window dressing.

    But joke aside, even if she's "just" a variant of another character, I'd still say that's still a good thing, the more choices the better.

    Even though, seeing how she's a Void Leggo, most likely I won't get my hands on her in… forever.

  4. Rakka is definitely reminiscent of the duchess/siphis but I'd put her slightly below them. Her full cleanse is useful but there's also quite a lot of champions that can bring that nowadays, while Duchess and Siphis abilities are more unique. That said if they make her a guaranteed I'm definitely getting her despite already having the other two.

  5. A very significant part of Duchess' kit is the 25% damage decrease vs aoe. I'm pretty sure that in terms of Arena, it's not a competition, Duchess is significantly better. Probably in Hydra as well, because of the Veil – though depending on the comp and the hydra rotation, Rakka could be the better option. All things considered, I think she's good, but I think Duchess is better.

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