Server 2016 And 2012 R2 – Volume Shadow Copies Setup

Server 2016 – Volume Shadow Copies setup

Windows Server 2016 and 2012R2 both have the volume shadow copy feature. This feature allows users to have multiple versions of files so that the user can revert to previous versions if the need arises.

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Hello when a warm welcome in this video will have a quick look at shadow copies. Basically what this is. It creates multiple versions of a single file. For example, you may have a file. They are word document and then you save it any change in shall we say today and tomorrow you come back and then you want to go back to the previous version. Okay, so this gives you action and ability go back to previous versions of a single file okay and it basically does it for all files on the now because dollar volume and it will creates a maximum of 64 versions of the same file. Also, it does take our memory access a memory extra hard this space for the Sabah minimum of 300 and you can figure it, let’s see how we do it again very simply, yes open are this PC okay from here. Okay, and then you may have another driver whatever that’s fine, right click on it then says configure shadow copies. Okay, and then there enable okay and then basically the default schedule that was set up over there, but will just configure project now we can go to settings. Okay, basically maximum size okay if you are on a limited amount of space you might want to create a limit okay. How many megabytes for the full desk of versions again, depending on what colour files you have word documents are video files. Whatever you might need to change that. Depending on that packet the schedule okay will do a quick little demo units 9:14 AM on our side. Okay, so will change that to know a 17 W 9:17 AM JK. So basically what we’ll do is we’ll create that. Okay, click okay. Click okay that’s been set up. Now let’s quickly create a new text document. Okay, and will call this old version can save it okay now will modify the file, saying in a little bit more in their okay aids past 917 okay, let’s go to restore previous versions. Okay then, three minutes ago created that’s fine. There we go. Store now click okay as you can see it’s gone back to the old version is as simple as that. So thank you for watching

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  1. You say "basically" and "okay" every other word. This is very distracting as they are words that are NOT necessary. Not a bad tutorial other than that, but please stop the "basically" crapola.

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