These are the BEST voted World of Warcraft private servers by players on I tried them out to tell you if they are worth playing.

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0:00 Intro & Gtop100
0:51 Best US Server
4:00 Best Deutschland Server
5:27 Best Progressive
7:15 Best Overall Server
7:47 The End

5 thoughts on “The BEST RANKED WoW Private Servers REVIEWED

  1. I said before and I'll say it again..Freakz literally killed itself by going to BFA briefly then to Shadowlands..we all lived their legion server despite the huge amount of bugs that it had "some of which were even gixed un 7.2.5 then broke with 7.3.5 for some reason"
    And for Tauri and the server that bought their script "stormforge"'s so good and well done that Im worried that it will be targeted by Blizzard just like wat they did to the old good servers..whoever gave this insane effort for this script..I thank you from all my heart and I hope you will succeed in making a legion server with similar quality 🙌😌

  2. the most active german server is rising-gods, they got a pretty stable player base over the last few years. right now theres ~900 peeps online at 3pm.

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