11. Header Logic Dynamic Links PHP MySQL Website Tutorial Free Example Script

Lesson Code: http://www.developphp.com/video/PHP/Social-Network-Header-Logic-Dynamic-Links-Example-Script
Learn to program php and mysqli logic into your header file that will render dynamic links needed for your users. If the user is not logged in they should see a different set of links than your logged in members. You can also use this area to query numbers that represent the amounts of notifications or friend requests a particular user has in your social network website system.

37 thoughts on “11. Header Logic Dynamic Links PHP MySQL Website Tutorial Free Example Script

  1. Adam I Love the teaching what kind of a GEEK am I becoming? A PHP Geek!!
    All I can say is a BIG Thank You Adam. I have been following your teaching on YouTube for many years..Thanks

  2. Where can I view the full index file code? 'cause I couldn't see everything on line 9, where it says $userlist .='<a href="user.php?u='.$u.'">'.$u.'</a> &nbsp; | &nbsp;… Adam forgot to zoom it out…

  3. Hi Adam. I've been keenly following your web intersect series and am loving every bit of it. I'm learning a lot and it is making me an awesome programmer. The only problem I have is that am missing the updated index.php file and i can't find it even at develop php. Where can I get it please. Thanks

  4. Off course I care! Unfortunately I won't have time to test it now, but as soon as I can I will rename it to "notescheck" and test it… That was really nice of you!! 🙂

  5. Know what? It's true, the notification works when something else works. So, I'm just gonna let this as it is because anyway MrShawnLloyd has done a friendship counter for new friendships… so, I can survive without the notifications not blinking when I get a friendship request… But now my Block System Patch is not working…

  6. Just checked, the patch is for the "block friend" function… I'm afraid we have missed something.. 🙁 I just finished the last tutorial there and the notification function works when i receive a message… it's just this friend request thing.

  7. Awesome! Same here! I am going to start soon following the Shawn Lloyd's tutorials, I know he made some patches for some bugs, perhaps this is one of them…

  8. No worries, it must be something simple as usual. I've noticed that I get "processing" when I go to add someone and it never changes.

    If I figure it out , I'll let you know 🙂

  9. Did not, sorry… I don't understand what is the issue, I even downloaded his package and ran it on the server, still wasn't working… I'm going to follow this all the way to the end and then take care of these "bugs"…

  10. Another bug that I am getting is that my envelope doesn't work when I have new notifications! I did exactly like Adam said, I copied his code and the only thing I modified was the names of the envelope images. The innactive envelope works, the old notification evelope works, but when I have new notifications, the page is showing the old notifications evelope at the same! Even after I chaged all the file names… Any one else has this issue??

  11. I have an issue here and I wonder if any one else is having it too! Adam says (2:52) that all files that include Template_pageTop.php must have check_login_status.php on the top – very first thing! But, when I go and put the "include once check_login_status.php" on my signup.php I get a bug, when people create an account instead of the message that says that an activation e-mail was sent, they get "signup_success" instead! I don't mean the variable, but the text "signup_success". Any one else??

  12. I followed every tutorial and don't have it either… seems unlikely that I would miss that. I copied everything from the video, but I'm missing half the code on line 9… Can anybody help me with this?

  13. Hello Adam, Thanks for the wonderful series. I have everything built but the "index Page". Where do I get the code that populates the member lists and everything else you are showing in your "index.php" presentation?


  14. I love you… lol jk but thank you so much Adam for doing this for us 🙂 I'm so grateful you do this for us (even if some of us can be a real jerk to you).

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