How to Configure a DNS Reverse Looukp Zone – Windows Server 2019

A key function of a network is to share resources. In Windows Server 2019, DNS is the technology that provides ‘resolution’. DNS enables services & users to locate network resources. In this video we’ll take a look at brief look at forward & reverse DNS lookup zones, and create a reverse lookup zone, using a Microsoft Windows 2019 server in the lab and test the configuration using the command line.
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21 thoughts on “How to Configure a DNS Reverse Looukp Zone – Windows Server 2019

  1. after setting up AD i attempt to login to server 2022 remotely and it only connects via ip not the hostname, how can i resolve so it connects via both hostname of the dc domain aswell as ip address? isit a dns issue a reverse lookup reverse or something else? if i add entry into hosts file i can get it working but nslookup still dosnt return hostname from ip on the claint even with hosts file entry! i cant have a secondry dns on the client either as that breaks other connections!

  2. Hi Thanks for the video, I am using vmware and i cant find the trust points in DNS. May be because of that, I am not able to create lookup zone as well. Any solution for this?

  3. I am just very happy to be able to understand what the host is saying……..It is very frustrating to try and follow someone using hybrid english (english words spoken to indian rhythm) which is now 90% of the IT videos. Also good video

  4. As ever very insightful Jon, just doing a bit of MS SharePoint learning at the moment, with learning further about the migration tool which can migrate data from on premises file shares to Office 365, in addition have created a batch file that auto restarts my server every Sunday evening, all in all very interesting stuff, check out my posts on LinkedIn and Instagram

  5. Strange. I was just in the DNS config business when ITtaster offered this video. What a coincidence. Thanks! Just two questions: Is it good practice to config all that is DNS (forward, reverse) at one go? Do you always use the GUI; some people claim that server admins rarely use the GUI, but CLI – is that true? Thanks.

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