Idle Heroes – Two HUGE Stat Boost Updates on TapTap Servers!!!

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31 thoughts on “Idle Heroes – Two HUGE Stat Boost Updates on TapTap Servers!!!

  1. Me with my 2.5 year 26 mil f2p account watching all this new content… oh thats neat wonder when I will get there? 7 years maybe. nice good progress

  2. I'm so upset by this they literally don't care about there average player base I've spent 3000 dollars on my account been playing for two years and I've only beaten the first level of void campaign only have three transcendent heroes I thought these were gonna make it more viable to do things but no just a huge slap in the face

  3. I see everyone saying campaign is not for f2p and low spender. Contrary to that belief my f2p guildmate made it to 2-5-5 with only 5 trans and a person has got to 3-1-10 with only 5 trans. So the content is doable just right now it requires a lot of effort and energy unless your super power

  4. This is so useless for 99% of players.
    Why are they not adding in more way to get Stellar Shards and material to make more Transcendence Hero in early/mid/late game. How are average players supposed to try and make progress in any of this new content when it takes years to even get close to accessing it and then even longer to actually complete it? This is all for end game content which only like 1% of all players are working on. They need to start giving players way to increase their progress in mid/late game or people will stop playing.
    Just my opinion.

  5. I am a VIP 10.. level 340 player. I have been playing for over 5 years now.. my 6 heroes team has over 74 million power level…
    And i am stuck at 1-4-7. By the looks of it.. it'll take me another 6 months to come to 2-3-10 (provided if i spend regularly)
    This seems like a power creep meant for vip 13 whales.. smh

  6. I have 7 trans Heroes, decent power and all artifacts that you can get and still I’m on like 1-4-3 in campaign. It’s crazy… and sad

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