Namehero Review + SPEED TEST Update! – Is Namehero The Best Cheap WordPress Hosting?

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22 thoughts on “Namehero Review + SPEED TEST Update! – Is Namehero The Best Cheap WordPress Hosting?

  1. I have been a customer for over 5 years. After one receipt mistake, they think it's ok to delete your entire account and data with no reasonable grace or recovery period. They do NOT provide extensions on invoices. They WILL delete your entire business and website data after 14 days

  2. It must be my tough luck because namehero is nothing like you're describing. In fact, it is the total opposite. It goes down constantly. It is very slow. The database connection drops daily.

  3. Name hero is a SCAM – i switched from Host gator where my sites were getting a B for performance and had amazing phone support to this company who is full of un-knowledgeable phone operators who hang up on you when faced with issues or send a "support ticket" with instructions to follow a do it yourself tutorial using third party integrations for speed on their servers….. i follow their tutorials which ends up completely shutting down my sites and their "level 3" technicians all located in INDIA just reply on the phone ticket with bullshit answers – SCAM COMPANY – this guys just tryna make a buck off the affiliate – garbage waste of time – switching back to host gator or even site ground over this ….p.s ( On name hero I'm getting E – C grade at best)

  4. HI Darrel, very useful review. Just a quick question, which hosting company would you suggest for my moodle project, namehero (plus cloud package) or cloudways (digitalOcan standard package)? Thanks in advance.

  5. (Part 1) There are two main Chinese "dialects" – (1) PUTONGHUA (used to be what we called "Mandarin") uses Simplified Chinese for writing. and is the one used across Mainland China. (2) CANTONESE, uses complicated characters – "Traditional Chinese" – and is used across Hong Kong, the Southernmost parts of Mainland China (and across the chinese diaspora.)

  6. Thanks for the video. I run a speed test on Namehero's US and Netherland servers from my location with dismal results. I'm located on the opposite side of the world, so would definitely have to use CDN to get acceptable speeds for my site's local visitors. This begs a question: if my WordPress site is hosted abroad, e.g. on Nameheo servers, then won't its loading speed be only as good as my CDN endpoint connection, which makes Namehero's features like NVMe SSD Drives and Litespeed irrelevant? Would you say hosting with a local host on Apache servers would be a better choice for my local site targeting the local market?

  7. Nice Explanation Sir, in your video you explained Namehero Review + SPEED TEST Update! – Is Namehero The Best Cheap WordPress Hosting? . Great Work sir. If you want to know about server hosting or are interested in the best #onliveserver you can ask us for more details and services.

  8. Darrel thanks for all the videos that you post excellent information. Question if I choose NameHero the steps are the same like SiteGround to install WordPress and Elementor. I want to create a hosting site.

  9. Currently on SiteGround and looking at this more after watching your video. Does NameHero offer Email spam protection like SG does? And, do subdomains and staging sites on NameHero count towards the number of websites that can be hosted? Thank you for the detailed video. I'm still watching so maybe my questions have been answered lol

  10. Hey Darren Great Video…But Darren I am confused between hostinger and namehero as in your earlier video you have put hostinger in number 1 spot..Can you plz suggest which one will be better between the two of them now?

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