PLEX vs Emby vs Jellyfin – What is the Best Media Server?

In this video I overview many of the features of some of the leading media server clients including PLEX, Jellyfin and Emby.

31 thoughts on “PLEX vs Emby vs Jellyfin – What is the Best Media Server?

  1. Been using plex for 5-7 years, got the lifetime membership and I'll be moving away from it soon. It is simply no longer reliable, too many issues with botched updates.

  2. Have you tried Kodi? I would love to see a comparison between these and Kodi. I've been looking into Plex and JellyFin because I want to share my content online with my father but it seems like everything I have needs to be transcoded (that's true online or even locally on my Nvidia Shield).

    I don't see why I would bother transcoding locally when I can just share a network directory and Kodi seems to play everything I have; 4K, HDR10, DV, HEVC, x265 etc… with no issues what so ever and at higher quality. Also for free…

    Currently looking for a way to share the network directory with my father but haven't found that solution yet to support Kodi for him.

  3. For someone literally looking to just organize/play media at home, with or without transcoding, subtitles, and different audio streams, Plex is the best bet. Plex Pass is worth the money.

  4. As a long time plex user for more than a decade now proper file name is the most important thing for making sure it identifies the files correctly. You need to have a consistent standard way you name files that will work every time for the best success with this. You will find all different ways Files come pre-named when downloading things from whatever source you find it on but basic things usually include removing dots instead of spaces for me. Plexus smart enough, and so is it that you don't need to put a period in place of a space between words. I always clean it up using a bulk file renamer tool, or the hard way manually one file at a time but for Deadwood which he used as an example the proper file naming format should be…..

    Deadwood S02E01 Episode Name if you want
    Deadwood S02E02 Another title if you want but unnecessary

    If for example you have a two-part episode that is a single file but the information identifies it as two separate episodes come up then you will want to name it something like…

    Deadwood S01E01-02

    If the files already happen to have the correct episode title information as part of the file name I will usually clean up the dots in place of the spaces keep the specific episode title name because it's nice extra info but I always confirm that it's exactly right word for word according to TVDB (and cross reference IMDb but really what needs to match is TVDB or the names will be messed up If it uses a different order and then IMDB) which is mostly what Plex and emby use.

    Occasionally you might get a movie where it's having trouble finding the correct match but usually whatever the name of the movie is with the year it was released in parentheses at the end should hope it correctly identify it. Most of the time simply adding the year it was made in parentheses will get the right info.

    Uncharted (2022)

    The folder structure is extremely important as well. Proper folder structure goes like this. TV Shows/Deadwood/Season 2/………. Then under the season folder place all episodes for that particular season. If you have special episodes refer to tvdb and see what the proper episode number will be. Specials or extra content is usually labeled as season 00 with an episode number. So you might end up with a folder literally named something like this.

    TV Shows/Deadwood/Season 00…………. And then whatever the episode numbers for the special episodes might be according to tvdb information. I'm just making this up but it might look something like Deadwood S00E01 or Deadwood S00E02.

    The reason it is numbered without a season number is because they are special bonus episodes that don't really have a season number so they are considered special episodes.

    If you set up your files according to this folder structure and naming method you will never have problems with getting the correct information. Like I said occasionally if you do I find sometimes it helps to literally copy and paste the exact IMDb name of the file including the year. Between IMDb and tvdb if you notice the file is tagged incorrectly you can usually individually fix the file with a couple of quick Google searches to make sure it matches correctly.


    Train yourself and get in the habit of correctly maintaining each set of files as soon as you acquire them when moving them where they need to be. Check the names, no how to correct the formatting errors which you will find many, correct other people's mistakes so that you are Plex server is well maintained.

  5. Small correction: you have some parental controls for free in Plex and can have a few profiles. However, they're not customizable and you only have young child, older child, teen, and adult profile types to choose from, which determine whether they can watch pg, pg-13, or r movies, and similarly rated tv shows. You can kind of work around this by manually changing the rating of your movies and shows, but that is tedious work, especially depending on the size of your library, and of course won't work on live tv or streaming services.

  6. Should the title be 'What is the cheapest Media Server?' Jellyfin certainly isn't the best, so the real debate is between Plex and emby. I have lifetime subscriptions to both, having used emby for about 5-6 years before switching to emby for the last 4-5 when Plex made you sign in to their service to use the media server locally. At the time I felt Plex was still the better option, but I didn't like how they were heading with privacy and control. I still check out Plex from time to time, and I think emby is now a better option if you just want your own local media server.

  7. I also made trials with Plex and Jellyfin and i noticed lower streaming quality in case of Jellyfin ( with no transcoding, just direct streaming). Do you know something about this issue?

  8. I am considering a change, I use plex and like it but the last manual update has made it disappear and now I have no access to it, also Plex doesn't pick up all my media and I have tried changing names a meta data I think its called and still it just won't do the job, maybe half of my documentaries do not show up and less than half of my kids shows.

  9. dont download plex right now. it is beyond broken. it wont let you add posters at all. if you go to add a file off your pc, it locks up and you have to kill the program. it also wont load anything from urls, or find anything on its own. absolute trash

  10. The emby andorid app works perfectly for me free with no 1 minute limitation. Apparently random people on their forums have reported it working for them too…

    Im using it by using their synology dsm 6 package on a xpenology machine.

    Ive switched to jellyfin tho for the free hardware encoders. It was sort of pain in the ass to get hw transcoding to work through docker tho. The documentation on the websites (emby and jellyfin) didn't help at all but i found a useful tutorial on reddit.

    Right now im using a j1900, 4gb of ram and hw transcode with Intel quick sync with the igpu.

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