A New Duplication Glitch Already Plagues Fallout 76's Servers

Today we take a look at the news that a brand new Fallout 76 exploit is causing some pretty massive issues for it’s servers. This new exploit involves crashing entire servers in order to duplicate items in the game. Many of the items obtained this way are either traded in game for virtual currency or even some sold for real life money. We also touch on some other Fallout 76 news.

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Fallout 76 Patch Notes: https://fallout.bethesda.net/article/7hpeHkKxyM6aMWUCCIkeW6/fallout-76-patch-notes-january-10-2019
Reddit Post on an Exploit: https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/afox6o/i_already_reported_this_to_bethesda_the/
Fallout 76 Server Disconnect Report: https://bethesda.net/community/topic/312406/is-anyone-else-being-plagued-by-server-not-responding-followed-up-by-disconnecting-from-the-server?language%5B%5D=en
Fallout 76 Community Patch Notes: https://despotak.github.io/fallout_76_patch_notes/v1.0.4.13.html
Fallout 76 Hotfix: https://twitter.com/BethesdaSupport/status/1084842536743698434
Falllout Hotfix Patch Notes: https://bethesda.net/en/article/6pLetcZ60wmOIYsiCKsmuU/fallout-76-pc-hotfix-notes-january-14-2019
Fallout 76 More Disconnecting: https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/afz2o5/dcd_5_times_since_this_morning_patch/

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39 thoughts on “A New Duplication Glitch Already Plagues Fallout 76's Servers

  1. after a long morning of looting to replace items ive sold in my vending, i came back from a lunch today to find i had zero caps … zero… i lost thousands of caps, just gone, dont know if this is new or old or what kinda bug but first time its happened to me since day one , was quite shocking but … idk… but the disconnects do suck , glad there addressing it

  2. @JuiceHead A weight limit is a horrible idea. I use excessive weight in many games to move all my stuff at once. Yes I weight 2 tons and move at a crawl, however, one trip and it's done. No don't do that.

  3. I've never really tried to cheat purposely but when my server disconnects on me I have no choice. After the patch my game plays fine but I noticed all my nuclear key codes are gone. I spent hours collecting them now they're gone, it sucks but easy to get, so I'm not concerned about it.

  4. Hope there's a terrifically simple way to solve the duping issues and that is to sterilize each item in the database in such a way that they can do a routine clean up on a daily weekly whatever basis and simply eliminate all duped items.

  5. I just have to put this out here. I hate how Bethesda is barely touching the fact that a bunch of dupers are ruining this game. Bethesda is not trying enough to fix this. They let this problem get out of hand. Now they're going to be punishing every one for a problem that they caused by nerfing everything. They keep adding things to the game that just have these negative rollbacks right onto them. Trust me, I love this game. But the way Bethesda is handling this is unacceptable. They are ruining everyone's gameplay. Now they're thinking about adding new items in the Atomic Shop that'll give in game buffs? For shame Bethesda.

  6. I'm not familiar with how game mechanics or glitching works…but why not add something that would flag players for duping. Then after a few people get flagged, ban all of them at once as a scare tactic.

  7. I never considered duping until Bethesda patched server hopping. I don’t get to play all the time. I don’t have a massive friends list. I just like fallout. But now I log into a sever that has been thoroughly looted (unbeknownst to me until I spend caps and valuable real time) I hit the 10-12 spots I go to EARN my loot and everting worth looting is gone aka plastic, screws, rubber, medals, a few weapons, etc. this costs a few 100 caps, and I get nothing for returns. Thank you Bethesda for targeting the ppl who just want to play, instead of the ones who are exploiting the game. [email protected]#$%&*g let me hop servers to find somewhere I can run through and earn my loot, stop telling me how you want me to play the game (endless hours of grinding). Let me play the areas I like and enjoy, Allow me have a life outside of gaming, not waste hour online looking for obscure areas to find loot. To work around Bethesda trying to force me hours of game time, not enjoying the game, but looking for areas not previously looted… duping, just get a couple prime items, dup them and I no longer need to wait days and days (real time) to find enough resources to make one sales trip around the world to earn a meager 1400 caps. 🥺 So sad that Bethesda chose to make the game harder t enjoy rather than targeting the glitches and leveling the playing field.

  8. thank you for reporting the facts without a bunch of emotional hand wringing and sensationalist hating. I unsubscribed from many you tubers because it feels like they're trying to campaign against bethesda, they go way beyond the facts ignore anything positive.

  9. Just so it is out there Xbox one players are getting banned or accounts reset for use of cheat codes. I have been flagged for use of cheats that I did not know existed. Question: is there cheats in fallout 4 console edition? I. E. Xbox and PS4

  10. Somebody nuked fissure prime just after i logged on today. When the nuke went off several people ran in to find the SBQ had been one shot killed by some bobblehead stacking duper asshat. I've barely been able to play today because the game or servers seem to crash every 10 minutes. The game is getting harder to play not better.

  11. is there a way they can let everyone on the server know that they are doing this and tell then get ready so everyone can dupe things please??

  12. I just got duped a mining power armor suit to my inventory trying to complete that quest. I was simply building pieces of armor for that suit, moving in and out of storage as I find components to craft the pieces, when all of a sudden I get a duplicate suit with the same incomplete armor pieces in my inventory. This is obviously not just with folks doing it on purpose. I was not trying to do this and it happened. I made the report on the Bethesda site.

  13. I've known about this dupe for a month now, haven't used it though. Imagine how long this has been going on… this isn't actually a new dupe.

    Pretty bad when I can't even keep up with what dupes are fixed and which aren't

  14. Juice my friends girlfriend was banned for fucking transfering items for someone never duped she was just paid to help someone now she is perma banned this is fucking rediculous

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