21 thoughts on “Randomly Display Some Images From A Set of Images: PHP

  1. Hi, i found your video very useful even after a decade for students like me. Thank you for that.
    But, i have a question too, if i'd like to display this array of pictures in radio buttons anddallow user to select 3 out of the total displayed images(having said user cant select the same image thrice), how do i do that? I'd be really grateful if you can help me with this my modifying this codes. Thank you!

  2. Hello, I found this explanation and example extremely useful. It helped a lot, so thank you for that. I have one question though, would you know how to readjust the size of each image from the array using css instead of html? I'm trying to figure out how to make the images smaller when the resolution of my page lowers but since its styled in html the size stays fixed. :/

  3. HEllo sir, thanks for the tutorial, it was very helpful but i have question that how can we display images using loops
    kindly tell me sir. waiting for your answer.

  4. Hello! Thanks for the tutorial, really helpful.
    I have a question for you tho;
    I have a picture folder located at /pictures/ on my server.
    Theres a lot of them, and new pictures keep getting added.
    Is there a way you can include all of the pictures (even new ones) automaticly?


  5. hey their i want to generate random groups which contains student name.which are assigned randomly. the no of student in a group is taken from the user would you do a video on that pls.

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