12 UNIQUE and USEFUL WEBSITES for students that aren’t JUST AESTHETIC lmao 💻

BEST WEBSITES for students and for study// Use IDENATI for FREE here: https://idenati.com/about?ref=FayeNg

In this ‘websites for students’ video, we discuss useful websites for students to help you with your studies. Hopefully these websites will help you be more productive and improve your grades!

🟣 Here are the websites:

If you need to organise your laptop (and a little hack for your assignments)
– https://idenati.com/about?ref=FayeNg

If you need to proofread your writing quickly (20% off Grammarly premium)
– https://grammarly.com/fayefilms

If you hate math
– https://www.wolframalpha.com

If you like studying with friends and need to be productive – https://discord.com
MY STUDY DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/ykDEqZRRZD

If you want to write notes with turbo speed from your textbook:
iOS: https://apple.co/3JfnF9S
Mac & Windows: https://bit.ly/3uA1lDD

If you’re too tired to read and need to focus
– https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/read-aloud-a-text-to-spee/hdhinadidafjejdhmfkjgnolgimiaplp?hl=en

If you like making flashcards
– https://www.studysmarter.de/en

If you need to cite things:
Scribbr: https://www.scribbr.com
Cite this for me: https://www.citethisforme.com

If you want to remember and recap topics quickly (MINDMAPS)
(use code fayefilmspro for 100% off the pro version)
– https://www.taskade.com/signup

If you need to calculate your grades
– https://gradecalculator.mes.fm

Productive and aesthetic:
Virtual cottage- https://store.steampowered.com/app/1369320/Virtual_Cottage/
I miss my cafe- https://imissmycafe.com

I’m always updating you guys on my journey to university in Australia on Instagram (insta: @ngfayee) so be sure to follow me there!
– INSTA: https://www.instagram.com/ngfayee

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Discord is a place where:
1) We do study livestreams almost everyday
2) We can share study tips and advice for school/uni/college/mental health
3) We can chit-chat

🔵T I M E S T A M P S

0:00 Intro
1:00 If you need to organise your laptop (and a little hack for your assignments)
2:35 If you hate math
3:27 If you like studying with friends and need to be productive
4:43 If you want to write notes with turbo speed from your textbook
5:35 If you’re too tired to read and need to focus
6:36 If you like using flashcards
7:10 If you need to cite things
7:58 If you need to proofread your writing quickly
8:41 If you need to calculate your grades
8:58 If you want to remember and recap topics quickly
10:04 If you want to be productive AND aesthetic

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  2. Hey Faye, I really love your study vids and it really has been motivating me, I wanted to join the discord server but I cannot seem to join it can you maybe give me a new link?

  3. For the read aloud option I just use the edge browser that has it built in. I use that because of their online voices. Those are much better and more natural and free too.

  4. Dude I know forest doesn't work for everyone but it works so well for me. I basically just use it to set a pomodoro when I need to get tons of reading done (one thing I have a hard time doing for hours on end) and for some reason the little boost of the cute trees is all I need to value it over an egg timer and bubble journal.

  5. Your channel literally save my high school life! I was worried about how I was gonna balance work and school and you made everything much more easier! Thank you so so so much! 💗

  6. you have NOOO idea how much you're helping me and others too. I just love the whole concept of learning and putting down everything on paper or a text, but you make it even more wholesome and effective! thank you very, very much, Faye

  7. Yep, very useful links in this video. Even in high school I had to cite APA style, and even create a long page to cite all sources. I never thought there would be a website which gave you nutrition facts for an apple, this video was awesome.

  8. FAYEEE! I've been applying your tips and I've already seen positive improvements in my efficiency, ability to recall information,, etc… thank you <333 also! I don't know if anyone has told you but I think you look a lot like Nayeon from TWICE!

  9. Been a subscriber for more than an year, WHY AM I SEEING THIS TODAY! 😭😩🤌 Your videos are sooo helpful Faye and I'm addicted watching your videos due to your voice and contents 😩🤍

  10. Hi Faye… Im a new to your channel and I have been watching some of your videos recently, thank you for some of your tips. Also, Grammarly is really useful for me even though it is advertised most of the times… Thanks for the other tips too!

  11. Faye you're the best keep it up I hope you are doing great in your uni I am so excited to go to uni after 4 years well I am in 9th grade I feel like there is fun and difficult to be in uni but you thought me everything thanks to you Faye.💖

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