343 Finally Fixing Halo Infinite's Server Issues – Halo Infinite News!

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47 thoughts on “343 Finally Fixing Halo Infinite's Server Issues – Halo Infinite News!

  1. Hey man, saw you copped some toxicity on twitter earlier. Don't let them get you down! I've literally clicked "don't recommend this channel to me" on basically every other halo youtuber due to the ragebait and toxicity – you're the only one I go to for news on the game because you're a decent goddamn person who understands the difference between reporting actual news and asserting opinions as though they were news/fact.

    I think you've got yourself a good niche here of reasonable halo fans and when things turn around for the game you'll be in prime position to grow as one of the few youtubers who didn't constantly shit on the game and 343i for the cash grab of getting those outrage views.

    Just wanted you to know that what you do is very appreciated 🙂

  2. Dude thanks for actually giving us news and being down to earth, some other halo content creators are just out to rile up the community and cash in on negativity. Best halo channel hands down, I hope infinite gets into better shape soon 😃

  3. To clarify "Who it could be". It also is dependent on the routing in and out of the Servers they're using. Other games like Apex and Siege (ESPECIALLY APEX) Suffer a lot from Desync and random ass packet loss. So identifying how data is being routed to and from servers is also quite important. If one of the data routing systems is malfunctioning or has a problem with compatibility or traffic, if you get routed through that service, you're royally screwed.

  4. I wouldn't be surprised if the server issues were high priority, but internally they couldn't figure it out, which is why that message included contacting 'external' folks.
    Sometimes if your team doesn't have the specialty knowledge needed for a specific issue, you can end up spending a long time doing R&D yourself, or you seek help, or you hold off in hopes that clearing up other things will also help the specific issue, I think.

  5. Seeing them say "working with external partners" makes me sick. It should be an internal team working on the networking and desync. No more contracting and outside help. 343 needs it figure this out themselves

  6. I tried really hard to enjoy the Yappening event but I only got to level 6 before I had to stop playing due to these server issues being so unbearable in BTB. The packet loss, insanely random and high ping fluctuations and desync was so impossible to deal with it sapped the event of any fun I could have had. I don't have these issues as often or terribly in 4v4 game types. Tell me that you can have a good time when your ping randomly shoots up to 1500ms for 2 straight minutes of a game at random, almost every other game.

  7. Man halo will never be the same again sadly miss when bungie actually worked on halo with good old Marty and staten damn such a shame. Btw I know statens there but everything just isn't the same like old halo.

  8. THEY NEED TO FUCKING FIX MCC SERVERS BRUV… I CAN BARELY FIND MATCHES AND CANT EVEN FIND CUSTOMSSS. its even more embarrasing cause i got my friend to redownload MCC to play andddddd we couldnt find shit

  9. Game crashes were the worst for me when Season 2 started. They would happen as frequently as multiple times a day. I had a good several weeks or virtually no crashes until recently, so I hope they can get a fix out soon.

  10. It was their top priority since it was discovered, but they clearly didn’t know how to fix it, and have just come to this realization, hence the third party help they’re now seeking. What a joke.

  11. 9000 to 5000 active players the skill concentration is wild. Not that I wish to sand bag, but sometimes it feels like sweats to non-competitive players. 4v4 is frustrating. 2v2 might become my new niche

  12. Honestly I’m not believing them. Last time they said high priority was Dysnc and look what happened they moved them to CO-OP and with it delayed it’s obvious they’re not gonna put them back on Dysnc. So until it actually happens I refuse to believe shit all they say no matter who it’s from I lost trust from Joe a while ago

  13. I sort of noticed changes already. I'm experiencing low frame rate due to ping issues, but so far this week, I haven't see any signs of desync. I finished my Yappening Event Pass without any problem.

  14. Looking forward to this! Really hoping they tackle PC and game stability issues as a whole, since every time I start the game I'm terrified it'll either fry my GPU or fall apart at the seams, haha.
    That, and aiming as a whole for PC users. Really dislike the Sniper modes as a whole because of that.

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