Player's Lounge: Sticking to the Script? | Dallas Cowboys 2022

The Player’s Lounge crew discusses the differences in Kellen Moore’s offensive game plan with Cooper Rush, and if they can stick to this new script when Dak Prescott returns.

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8 thoughts on “Player's Lounge: Sticking to the Script? | Dallas Cowboys 2022

  1. They started the show laughing at Russ Wilson who is winning the exact way they want Dak to win. It also the reason when Dak gets back it won’t be the same. Because he’s Dak. He’s elite. No matter how great the defense is they still wanna have a deep passing offense when Dak is healthy.

  2. Hendershot is a rookie. He had 2 penalties. Tyler Smith & Farniok had 1 each. S. Williams had the kill 15-yd. Young players will learn. We had 4 on offense, 4 on defense. Only 3 penalties were by veteran players. Maybe there is hope going forward.

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