The Ultimate Guide to DJI Avata Drone Only: Everything You Need to Know

About DJI Avata Drone Only

DJI Avata Drone Only is a revolutionary drone that combines cutting-edge technology with incredible versatility. Designed for professional and recreational use, this drone offers a wide range of features and capabilities that make it stand out from the competition. From its sleek and sophisticated design to its powerful flight performance, the DJI Avata Drone Only is guaranteed to take your aerial photography and videography to new heights.

Whether you’re a professional photographer, videographer, or simply a drone enthusiast looking to capture stunning aerial footage, the DJI Avata Drone Only has something to offer. With its advanced flight control system, 4K camera, and intelligent features, this drone is truly a game-changer in the world of aerial photography.

Unboxing and Setup

What’s in the Box?

The DJI Avata Drone Only comes in a well-packaged box that includes everything you need to get started with your aerial adventures. Inside the box, you’ll find:

  • The DJI Avata Drone Only
  • Remote controller
  • Intelligent Flight Battery
  • Charger
  • Propellers
  • USB-C cables
  • Instruction manual

Setting Up Your DJI Avata Drone Only

Setting up your DJI Avata Drone Only is quick and hassle-free. Follow these simple steps to get your drone up and running:

  1. Charge the Intelligent Flight Battery using the included charger.
  2. Attach the propellers to the drone securely.
  3. Turn on the remote controller and connect it to your smartphone or tablet.
  4. Install the DJI Fly app on your device and follow the on-screen instructions to connect it to your drone.
  5. Perform a pre-flight check to ensure everything is functioning properly.
  6. You’re ready to take off!
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Flight Performance and Features

Advanced Flight Control System

The DJI Avata Drone Only is equipped with an advanced flight control system that offers unparalleled stability and maneuverability. With its precision hover, obstacle avoidance, and intelligent flight modes, you can fly the drone with confidence and capture stunning footage from any angle.

Whether you’re shooting in a crowded city or flying in a remote wilderness, the DJI Avata Drone Only adapts to its surroundings and ensures smooth and stable flight. Its advanced GPS technology and vision sensors allow for precise positioning and obstacle avoidance, making it a reliable and safe choice for both professional and recreational use.

4K Camera and Intelligent Shooting Modes

The DJI Avata Drone Only features a high-quality 4K camera that allows you to capture breathtaking aerial photos and videos with incredible detail and clarity. Whether you’re shooting landscapes, action shots, or cinematic videos, the DJI Avata Drone Only delivers stunning results.

Additionally, this drone offers a variety of intelligent shooting modes that make it easy to capture professional-grade footage with minimal effort. From ActiveTrack, which automatically follows and keeps the subject in the frame, to QuickShots, which automatically captures dynamic shots, the DJI Avata Drone Only has you covered in terms of creativity and convenience.


Can the DJI Avata Drone Only be flown indoors?

Yes, the DJI Avata Drone Only can be flown indoors, but it’s important to ensure that there is adequate space and no potential obstacles that could interfere with its flight. It’s recommended to use the DJI Fly app’s indoor flying mode for enhanced stability and safety.

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What is the flight time of the DJI Avata Drone Only?

The DJI Avata Drone Only offers a flight time of up to 30 minutes on a single charge. It’s always a good idea to have extra batteries on hand for extended shooting sessions.

Does the DJI Avata Drone Only have a return-to-home feature?

Yes, the DJI Avata Drone Only has a return-to-home feature that allows it to automatically return to its takeoff point at the press of a button. This provides peace of mind and ensures the safe return of your drone.

Can I operate the DJI Avata Drone Only from my smartphone?

Yes, you can control the DJI Avata Drone Only using your smartphone or tablet. Simply download the DJI Fly app, connect your device to the remote controller, and enjoy full control of the drone’s flight and camera functions.

What is the max range of the DJI Avata Drone Only?

The DJI Avata Drone Only has a maximum transmission range of up to 6 miles (10 kilometers) when there are no obstacles or interference. Always make sure to comply with local regulations and maintain visual line of sight during flight.

Is the DJI Avata Drone Only waterproof?

No, the DJI Avata Drone Only is not waterproof. It’s important to avoid flying in rainy or wet conditions to prevent damage to the drone’s electronic components.


With its advanced features, exceptional flight performance, and stunning camera capabilities, the DJI Avata Drone Only is a must-have for any aerial photography or videography enthusiast. Whether you’re capturing breathtaking landscapes, documenting your adventures, or simply exploring the world from a new perspective, this drone has the power to elevate your creativity.

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So what are you waiting for? Take your aerial photography to new heights and unleash your imagination with the DJI Avata Drone Only. Explore its incredible features, push your creative boundaries, and transform your vision into reality.

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