Things to Do in Alexandria Louisiana


Hello TechGuide Visitors! Are you planning a trip to Alexandria, Louisiana? Look no further as we have compiled a comprehensive list of exciting activities and attractions that will make your visit to this charming city an unforgettable experience. From exploring historical sites to enjoying outdoor adventures, Alexandria offers something for everyone. Join us as we take a closer look at the best things to do in Alexandria, Louisiana.

Before diving into the details, let’s explore the strengths and weaknesses of this destination to help you plan your visit more effectively.

Strengths of Alexandria Louisiana

1. Rich History 📚

Alexandria is steeped in history, with numerous attractions that allow visitors to delve into the city’s past. Explore the Kent Plantation House, a beautifully preserved plantation showcasing Southern heritage. The Alexandria Museum of Art is another must-visit for art enthusiasts, with its impressive collection of regional works.

2. Natural Beauty 🌴

The city is blessed with natural beauty, thanks to its proximity to the breathtaking Kisatchie National Forest. Take a hike through scenic trails, go on a fishing trip, or simply immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature. Alexandria Zoological Park is also worth a visit, providing an opportunity to observe a diverse range of animals up close.

3. Festivals and Events 🎉

Alexandria hosts a vibrant array of festivals and events throughout the year, offering visitors a chance to celebrate and experience the local culture. From the Mardi Gras Parade to the Central Louisiana Carnival, there is always something happening to keep you entertained and engaged.

4. Southern Cuisine 🍔

Indulge in the delicious Southern cuisine that Alexandria has to offer. From traditional Cajun favorites to mouthwatering seafood, the city boasts a vibrant food scene. Don’t forget to try the famous Louisiana gumbo and crawfish étouffée for an authentic taste of the region.

5. Warm Hospitality 🙌

The people of Alexandria are known for their warm hospitality, making visitors feel welcome and at home. Whether you need recommendations for places to visit or simply want to strike up a friendly conversation, the locals are always ready to help and share their love for their city.

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6. Affordable Travel 💰

Alexandria offers travelers a budget-friendly experience, with affordable accommodations, dining options, and attractions. This makes it an ideal destination for families, students, or anyone looking to explore on a limited budget.

7. Proximity to Other Destinations 🌍

If you’re looking to extend your trip, Alexandria’s location makes it a great starting point for exploring other nearby attractions. Take a short drive to visit Baton Rouge or New Orleans for a taste of city life, or venture to the Gulf Coast for sandy beaches and seaside relaxation.

Weaknesses of Alexandria Louisiana

1. Limited Nightlife 🎮

Compared to larger cities, Alexandria’s nightlife scene is relatively limited. While there are some bars and venues that offer live music and entertainment, night owls may find themselves craving more varied options.

2. Traffic Congestion 🚘

During peak hours, Alexandria can experience some traffic congestion, particularly in certain areas. It’s advisable to plan your travel times accordingly and explore alternative routes to avoid delays.

3. Limited Public Transportation 🚌

Public transportation options in Alexandria are limited, with no comprehensive bus or train network. Renting a car or relying on taxis might be necessary for convenient travel within the city and its surroundings.

4. Weather Extremes 🌨

Alexandria experiences hot and humid summers, which may not be ideal for everyone. Additionally, the region is prone to occasional severe weather, including hurricanes and tropical storms. It’s important to stay informed about weather forecasts and plan accordingly.

5. Limited Shopping Options 🛍

While Alexandria has its fair share of shopping centers and boutiques, shopaholics may find that the city’s retail scene falls short compared to larger metropolitan areas. However, it still offers plenty of opportunities to pick up unique local crafts and souvenirs.

6. Limited Museum Options 📚

Though Alexandria Museum of Art is a prominent attraction, the city may not offer as many museums as larger cities. However, the ones it does have provide fascinating insights into the region’s history and culture.

7. Limited Public Wi-Fi 📶

While many establishments in Alexandria offer Wi-Fi access, public Wi-Fi hotspots may be limited. It’s advisable to have a data plan or make necessary arrangements for staying connected during your visit.

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Things to Do in Alexandria Louisiana – Complete Information

Activity Description Location Rating
Fishing in Kisatchie National Forest Enjoy a peaceful fishing experience surrounded by serene natural beauty. Kisatchie National Forest 4.8/5
Visit the Kent Plantation House Step back in time and explore the rich history of the Kent Plantation House. 3601 Bayou Rapides Rd 4.9/5
Explore Alexandria Museum of Art Discover a diverse collection of regional art at the Alexandria Museum of Art. 933 Second St 4.7/5
Stroll Along the Red River Enjoy a leisurely walk along the scenic Red River and take in the picturesque views. Red River 4.6/5
Experience Alexandria Zoological Park Get up close and personal with a wide range of animals at this family-friendly zoo. 3016 Masonic Dr 4.8/5
Visit the Alexandria Historic & Genealogical Library Uncover your family’s history and explore a vast collection of genealogical records. 503 Washington St 4.6/5
Go Kayaking on the Cotile Lake Embark on a kayaking adventure and explore the beautiful Cotile Lake. Cotile Lake 4.7/5

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I get to Alexandria, Louisiana?

Alexandria is easily accessible by both car and air. The Alexandria International Airport offers flights from major cities, while several highways connect the city to the rest of Louisiana and neighboring states.

2. What are the best accommodations in Alexandria?

Some popular accommodation options in Alexandria include The Hotel Bentley, Home2 Suites by Hilton Alexandria, and Courtyard by Marriott Alexandria. These hotels offer comfortable and convenient stays for visitors.

3. Can I visit Alexandria with my family?

Absolutely! Alexandria is a family-friendly destination with plenty of attractions suitable for all age groups. From the Alexandria Zoological Park to the Children’s Museum of Central Louisiana, there’s something to keep everyone entertained.

4. Are there any outdoor activities in Alexandria?

Yes, Alexandria offers a range of outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, kayaking, and even bird-watching. Kisatchie National Forest and Cotile Lake are popular spots for nature enthusiasts.

5. What is the best time to visit Alexandria?

The best time to visit Alexandria is during the spring (March to May) and fall (September to November) seasons when the weather is pleasant and comfortable. Summers can be hot and humid, while winters are mild.

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6. Are there any notable historical sites in Alexandria?

Alexandria is home to several historical sites, including the Kent Plantation House, the Alexandria Historic & Genealogical Library, and the Louisiana History Museum. These sites provide glimpses into the city’s rich past.

7. Is it safe to visit Alexandria, Louisiana?

Alexandria is generally a safe city for tourists. However, it’s always recommended to take standard precautions and be mindful of your surroundings, especially if you’re exploring unfamiliar areas at night.

8. Are there any shopping malls in Alexandria?

Alexandria has several shopping centers and malls, including Alexandria Mall, Central Plaza Shopping Center, and MacArthur Village Shopping Center. These offer a variety of retail options for shoppers.

9. Can I try Cajun cuisine in Alexandria?

Absolutely! Alexandria offers a range of restaurants and eateries where you can sample delicious Cajun cuisine. From gumbo to crawfish, be sure to indulge in these regional delights.

10. What are some hidden gems in Alexandria?

For those seeking unique experiences, don’t miss the Alexandria Holocaust Memorial or the Alexandria History and Art Park. These hidden gems provide a different perspective on the city’s history and culture.


In conclusion, Alexandria, Louisiana, offers a wealth of experiences for visitors looking to immerse themselves in history, nature, and Southern hospitality. From fishing in the Kisatchie National Forest to exploring the rich heritage of the Kent Plantation House, there is no shortage of things to do and see. While the city may have its weaknesses in terms of nightlife and limited transportation options, the strengths like its rich history, natural beauty, and warm hospitality make up for it. So why wait? Start planning your trip to Alexandria and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Remember to check out our comprehensive table of activities for a complete guide on things to do in Alexandria, Louisiana. Whether you’re a nature lover or history enthusiast, Alexandria has something to offer for everyone. Begin your adventure today!