We Can Do Hard Things Podcast Transcript

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Hello, TechGuide Visitors! Welcome to our comprehensive transcript of the highly acclaimed podcast, “We Can Do Hard Things.” In this article, we will delve into the thought-provoking discussions and enlightening insights shared in the episodes of this remarkable podcast. We will explore the strengths and weaknesses, provide a detailed analysis, and present key takeaways for you. So, let’s dive in and discover the power of “We Can Do Hard Things” podcast!


The “We Can Do Hard Things” podcast, hosted by acclaimed author and speaker, Glennon Doyle, along with her sister, Amanda Doyle, and their best friend, Ashley Gadd, is a compelling journey towards self-discovery, empowerment, and resilience. With a focus on embracing vulnerability and finding strength in difficult situations, this podcast has garnered a loyal following for its authentic and raw conversations.

In each episode, Glennon and her co-hosts discuss a range of topics including relationships, mental health, personal growth, and societal issues. The format of the podcast allows for candid exploration of their personal experiences, backed by research and expert opinions, creating a space for reflection, learning, and growth.

This podcast aims not only to inspire but also to provide practical tools and strategies for navigating the challenges of life. By sharing their own stories of triumph and setbacks, the hosts create a sense of connection and solidarity, reminding listeners that they too can overcome life’s obstacles.

Now, let’s delve into the strengths and weaknesses of the “We Can Do Hard Things” podcast.


1. Authenticity and Vulnerability: The podcast excels in its unwavering commitment to authenticity and vulnerability. Glennon, Amanda, and Ashley share their personal stories and struggles with an open heart, which resonates deeply with the audience.

2. Diverse Range of Topics: The podcast covers a diverse range of topics, ensuring there is something for everyone. This inclusivity allows for a broad audience base and provides valuable insights into various aspects of life.

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3. Expert Guest Speakers: The podcast frequently invites expert guest speakers who provide specialized knowledge and insights on specific topics. This variety adds depth and strengthens the credibility of the discussions.

4. Practical Tools and Strategies: “We Can Do Hard Things” doesn’t just stop at inspiring stories; it offers practical tools and strategies for personal growth and resilience. Listeners can implement these strategies in their own lives, making the podcast truly impactful.

5. Emotional Connection: The hosts create a genuine emotional connection with their audience by sharing their own triumphs and vulnerabilities. This connection fosters a sense of belonging and allows listeners to feel understood and supported.

6. Engaging and Captivating Hosting: Glennon, Amanda, and Ashley have a natural gift for storytelling and captivating their audience. Their dynamic hosting keeps the listeners engaged and eager for more.

7. Positive Impact and Empowerment: Above all, the “We Can Do Hard Things” podcast empowers its listeners to embrace their own strength and face life’s challenges head-on. It leaves a lasting positive impact by instilling a sense of resilience and belief in one’s ability to overcome obstacles.


1. Lengthy Episodes: Some episodes of the podcast tend to be longer in duration, which may be challenging for those with limited time. Breaking down longer episodes into shorter segments could enhance accessibility and listenership.

2. Lack of Structured Format: While the podcast thrives on casual and conversational discussions, at times, it can feel slightly disorganized. Introducing a more structured format could streamline the flow of conversations and enhance clarity.

3. Limited Diversity of Voices: Despite its strengths, the podcast could benefit from incorporating a more diverse range of voices, perspectives, and experiences. This would provide a well-rounded narrative and a more inclusive platform.

4. Inconsistent Release Schedule: The podcast occasionally experiences gaps in its release schedule, which may leave listeners longing for regular episodes. Maintaining a consistent release schedule could further foster engagement and keep the audience eagerly awaiting new content.

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5. Lacking Visual Elements: As an audio-based medium, the podcast lacks visual elements that could enhance the listener’s experience. Incorporating supplemental visuals, such as graphics or illustrations, would add depth and engage the audience on multiple sensory levels.

6. Limited Audience Interaction: While the podcast focuses on delivering valuable content, fostering active audience participation could create a stronger community. Incorporating interactive elements, such as Q&A sessions or listener stories, would enhance the sense of connection and engagement.

7. Minimal Transcripts or Show Notes: Currently, the podcast lacks comprehensive transcripts or show notes for each episode, making it challenging for listeners to revisit specific discussions or access key takeaways. Providing detailed summaries for each episode would enhance usability and overall user experience.

Podcast Transcript Information Table

Podcast Name We Can Do Hard Things
Hosts Glennon Doyle, Amanda Doyle, Ashley Gadd
Topics Covered Relationships, Mental Health, Personal Growth, Societal Issues, Resilience
Format Conversational, Storytelling
Release Schedule Bi-weekly
Average Episode Duration 60 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How often are new episodes released?

New episodes of the “We Can Do Hard Things” podcast are released on a bi-weekly schedule. This ensures a consistent flow of thought-provoking content for the audience.

2. Are there any specific themes or topics discussed in the podcast?

Yes, the podcast covers a wide range of themes and topics including relationships, mental health, personal growth, societal issues, and resilience. Each episode offers unique insights and perspectives to encourage growth and empower listeners.

3. Are there any special guest speakers featured on the podcast?

Absolutely! The “We Can Do Hard Things” podcast frequently invites expert guest speakers who provide specialized knowledge and insights on specific topics. These guest speakers bring valuable expertise and enhance the discussions.

4. Is the podcast suitable for all ages?

While the podcast covers topics that are relevant to a broad audience, it is advisable for mature audiences due to the nature of some discussions, which may address sensitive or adult themes.

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5. Can listeners interact with the hosts or ask questions?

Currently, there are limited interactive elements within the podcast. However, engaging with the “We Can Do Hard Things” community through social media platforms may provide opportunities for interaction and questions.

6. Where can I access episode transcripts or show notes?

Currently, the podcast does not provide comprehensive transcripts or show notes for each episode. Exploring the podcast’s official website or engaging with the hosts on social media may provide additional resources and information.

7. How can I support the podcast?

You can support the “We Can Do Hard Things” podcast by subscribing to it on your preferred podcast platform, leaving a positive review, and recommending it to friends and family. Engaging with the hosts on social media and sharing insightful takeaways also helps create a vibrant and supportive community.


The “We Can Do Hard Things” podcast offers a compelling and engaging journey towards self-discovery, empowerment, and resilience. Through authentic storytelling, vulnerability, and practical strategies, Glennon Doyle, Amanda Doyle, and Ashley Gadd inspire listeners to embrace their own inner strength and overcome the hardships of life.

While the podcast has certain weaknesses, such as lengthy episodes and a lack of structured format, its myriad of strengths outweigh these limitations. The diverse range of topics, valuable insights from expert guest speakers, and the emotional connection fostered through authentic conversations make this podcast a powerful tool for personal growth and self-reflection.

To experience the life-changing impact of the “We Can Do Hard Things” podcast, start tuning in to episodes today. Embrace the belief that you, too, have the strength to conquer life’s challenges and emerge stronger on the other side. Remember, you can do hard things!