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Need a little help publishing your website? In this video you’ll learn how to publish your website and edit after publishing using Wix.com.

About Wix
Wix.com lets everyone create a professional website for free. Choose a template, customize anything, and get online today! It’s that easy to look stunning.

20 thoughts on “Wix.com | Publish Your Website

  1. I need help. i published my site and had a look at it, but when i went on to my music and videos, it showed the wix templates and not the videos and files i had put in. also, when i scrolled down, it showed a map and some address which i had disabled for personal reasons. .

  2. 2 BUMMERS I have not been able to figure out on Wix: 1. Zero actual customer support 2. Mobile and tablet version of my webpage is SUPER glitchy and cumbersome. Words cut off etc. Quite unprofessional. Anyone have any suggestions?

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