How to Improve your Website in Serps

Well, this is one of the basic questions most people want to know how to improve their website in Google search for getting the most from their traffic online. This is most cases is a very basic question with a lot different answers and depending on who you’re talking to. Most people want a simple and overnight solution, when it comes to SEO without ever putting any effort into doing the work involved, when it comes to search engine optimization.

So, I’ll give you a few steps on getting start with an SEO campaign for a client or maybe yourself to improve your website inside of the serps for a good quality website.

How to improve your Website in Serps

First of all, most people will tell you just write a lot of unique content and that’s going help your ranking online. So, have you seen some old site from 2012 like still rank for keywords and they only have some basic website online without no blog post at all.

Me too!

Here’s the steps you need to figure out with how to rank for keywords inside of your own niche online. We’ll be suggesting  that you already did your On Page SEO, keyword research, and checked for a Google spam penalty inside of your website and making sure that you’ll be able to rank inside of the top page inside of Google search!

Off Page SEO Tactics

So, everything is about building an off page tactic with Social signals and back linking. This will make them all relevant inside of Google and maybe you want to Run a Detroit SEo Agency for helping people create new traffic to their website online.

We’ll be explain our number #1 Detroit SEO strategy and this is something that just about every single SEO professional is using.  This creates brand authority and give boast your rankings inside of Google search and this isn’t a one day tactic for sure.

Buy Expired Domains or PBN’s

Detroit SEO If, haven’t been inside of the SEO game long and just don’t even know about what’s really working online through SEO. We’ve all been there and not knowing what’s really helping to rank websites online for the purpose of ranking your website higher in the serps.

PBN’s or Private Blog Networks are the easy way to create authority inside of Google and generating back links to your website for the sole purpose of ranking higher in the serps. Private blog networks back in the day used to just rank through adding a few keywords on the page and back linking.

That’s no longer the case in 2016 and there’s a little more things that you’ll need to accomplish than just writing a blog post or creating new website inside of Google! Just about everyone knows how to create a website these days and especially the younger generation.

Except for little brothers that are in their mid-twenties now!

Expired are one of the easiest ways to create a bigger brand and you can choose to hide your PBN’s or you can make these an open network for helping people inside of the online marketing industry. Understand that expired domains already have authority and this is why you’re building these websites for the sole purpose of helping your website rank through these website.

You’re going need to build fresh backlinks that don’t track back to you through or paying a $30-$40 dollars and using someone else expired domains for helping you rank online.  There are a lot shady people on the internet that will take off the links months down the road.

My suggestion is having different hosting accounts for you can back link your own PBN’s. Expired Domains can be costly after a while and they can cost about $20-$100 per website, this means that you’re going need pay for the expired domain.

Then register the  expired domain on different hosting accounts, when you build a  lot expired domains. 20-30 Google won’t catch your footprint of these websites and adding 3-7 of your own links to your website.

You can use social media to help your backlinks rank easier!

Social Signals for helping PBN’s

Austin SEO Consultant Looking through all other websites, what does every single website have in common that’s social signals coming through twitter, Google Plus, Facebook share, likes, LinkedIn, Pinterest Pins and many other different factors and of course you need  to back links coming into other websites that are on the website for improving search engine traffic!

There are many people online that sell social shares or you can buy a service from social ADR which helps you promoter their web page. People say it helps them rank but have ever seen just social signals with back links ever rank.

Another source that you can buy from are:

these two sources you can buy for $5 for a low price of all the social signals that you help your expired domains build authority and trust to your website. Pricing at Social ADR starts at 14.95 and I usually go through fiverr or market source to get my social signals and this way I leave it to them!

Yes, you’ll need to spend more money for this strategy and you’ll still need to setup your PBN’s for your niche and you don’t need to niche related but staying on topic with each of your websites that you’re creating online!

Improving your website is going take some work no matter the type of search engine optimization expert that you become. White, grey or black you’re always going influence your rankings through creating back links or people helping you create back links through getting your email list started!

Remember ranking in Google takes work and time. Nothing will happen overnight!

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